Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One last day of one

Today was the last day Trace and Alysse will be one. In about twenty four hours their age will double. All the while, they are doing their best to take it all in.

All the talk of parties, presents and cake. They know there are festivities planned (with a me-meow cake) and that they are going to be two - the full chaos that's bound to ensue they can't possibly imagine.

Typically, on the kids' birthdays, I pull out their baby pictures and bawl my eyes out. I blubber around wondering where the time has gone, and how they could have gotten so big so quickly.

I then have fleeting moments of wishing them to be babies again (a temporary loss of memory and the sleepless nights and endless bottles).

I pulled out the baby pictures today in an attempt to get a jump start on the tears. They didn't come. Instead, I smiled at the fantastic kids that have grown from those teeny tiny babies. I was so overjoyed with what has become that I couldn't cry ... but there's always tomorrow.

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