Friday, March 27, 2009

Tour stop 1: Superbowl sleeping

A couple of bedrooms in our house have recently undergone redos. We've changed things up ... stripping off nursery wallpaper and painting over baby-blue walls.

A little updating and transforming has been implemented to better suit current tastes (read: Trace has ditched his white and green gingham lamp shade and lost the little sheep valance; and what was once a nursery intended for Alena has become Alena and Alysse's shared girly room).

No one would be more anxious to see the new looks and compliment the kids on their new digs than my grandma. Although she's only 20 minutes away, she doesn't have the luxury of hopping in a car, driving across town and bolting up our stairs to check them out.

As such, the kids have agreed to host tours via our digital camera so she can have a peek (and a visual when she hears tales of free falling kids and Fatheads on walls).

Today's stop ... Trace's pimpin' Steelers pad.

"Welcome," he says, "to my little piece of Steeler Nation."

Yes, the football helmet is twice as tall as he is. However, he can point out the face mask and knows its intended purpose. Can you tell by the smile he's not missing the "wish upon a star/twinkle twinkle" room theme of a month ago?

Next is Trace looking minuscule next to Steelers #43 Troy Polamalu. He's on a first-name basis with the player, calling him "Troy," and frequently points out his shoes.

Who knew Big Ben could look even bigger? Standing next to Trace, however, the Big Ben reputation takes on a whole new life (a giant one).

(The mysterious white circle next to Big Ben's head doesn't exist. Just a little something extra our camera added.)

And there ends Trace's tour of his new "boy room," as Alena refers to it. Steelers, puppies and tickles reign supreme, and little girls are always ultimately chased from it screaming.


Aunt Jeanne said...

That looks like the best "boy room" ever!
Love, Aunt Jeanne

Anonymous said...

Buzz and Maw Maw love it! Buzz would add some Bengal orange, but Maw Maw thinks it looks great!