Friday, May 29, 2009

Top ten list (zoo style)

Introducing the top ten things you are likely to miss at the Cincinnati Zoo unless you're visiting with us ...

1. Discussions of elephant poop, its size and its presence or absence from the elephant exhibit.

2. The sheer amount of food and snacks the four can consume after walking around the zoo for two and a half hours. Our stocked cooler came home empty and the snack bag had four measly pretzel stick/dipping cheese combos remaining.

3. The delight a 616 pound sea loin can elicit while swimming past only a thick pane of window away from 40 small fingertips.

4. A very interesting discussion of male versus female genitalia compliments of the zebras on display. Given our recent introduction of the words "penis" and "vagina" into our vocabulary, the conversation got lively.

5. A bump in the zoo train's path as it rolls over Trace's Blues Clues hat that has been tossed with reckless abandon. I had instant visions of the train wrecking at the hand of Trace and his impulsiveness.

6. Four eager, interested kids get zoo employees to pull out animals for private showings. This poor turtle didn't even see this group coming.

7. Complete fascination at a red-crowned crane who is protectively hovering over a brilliant ivory egg at her feet.

8. The hideous bruise/scrape Trace managed to acquire on his cheek upon it meeting a wooden bench. Apparently, the appropriate t-shirt choice had been made.

9. Children who kiss the carousel animal on which they rode. This immobile hummingbird got a big one from Alivia after her ride.

10. Trace's laugh while "chasing" this small feline in the cat house. This had been going on several minutes before actual footage was captured.


Gina said...

I SO want to go with you guys next time.

Sara said...

No visit to the zoo is complete without a lengthy discussion of poop. I think it's a rule or something.