Sunday, October 11, 2009


I've been absent, lazy and neglectful around here. Although, the time away has been spent pondering.

Mulling around things such as why stones keep showing up in the dryer; and how to turn Alivia's suggestions of hot dogs, bananas and parrot cheese into an acceptable birthday party menu; and some outrageously cool and cute Halloween costume for Alysse. Not much luck has been made on any of these fronts.

Thoughts about families, kids and all their dynamics have also been tossed around in my head. Along with our ever-present notion that the grass is always greener on the other side. Let's face it, at one point or another, we've all thought there is greener grass out there, and we've just been getting the shaft.

On these weightier issues, I have managed to gain a bit more perspective than as to why we have a snail in a Mason jar on our kitchen table.

Our grass is green enough for me.

For all my bitching about fighting kids and toothpaste on the carpet, I couldn't have amassed a greater group of laundry makers had I special ordered each one. For all my worrying about the possibility of three preschool tuitions next year or four college tuitions to one day face (*shudder*), I wouldn't trade my lot in life given the chance. For all the times I'd like to smash Jason's Blackberry or shush his "coaching" during Steeler games during naptime or bedtime, I'd be lost without him ... Blackberry and all.

This realization that the grass - which may appear greener across the street, or down the block, or even across town - really isn't creates a wonderful sense of satisfaction and peace.

Comfort found in what you have, not desire for what you don't. Even if what you have is a half-eaten breakfast burrito stinking up your Suburban.

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