Tuesday, April 6, 2010

20 questions with Alena

For inquiring minds out there ... here's a little interview I conducted with Alena. It's what's inside the mind of a five-year-old who loves music, journaling and school. A snapshot of her as a kindergartner.

1. What is your favorite TV show? :: "Wizards of Waverly Place"

2. What is your favorite movie? :: "High School Musical"

3. What is your favorite food? :: "Oranges"

4. Who is your best friend? :: "Jada"

5. Who is your favorite singer? :: "Taylor Swift"

6. What is your favorite song? :: "I Need You Now" (by Lady Antebellum)

7. What is your favorite book? :: "The 'We Help Mommy' book" (read: Eloise Wilkin Stories)

8. What do you want to be when you grow up? :: "A teacher"

9. Would you rather play outside or inside? :: "Outside"

10. Would you rather swing or slide? :: "Swing"

11. What's better - swimming in the pool or bike riding? :: "Pool"

12. Chocolate or vanilla? :: "Vanilla"

13. Would you rather have a cookie or candy? :: "A cookie"

14. How do you like your marshmallows roasted? :: "Sometimes burnt, sometimes light"

15. Where is your favorite place to go? :: "Kings Island"

16. Which do you like better - bubblegum or chocolate chips? :: "Bubblegum"

17. What are you scared of? :: "Trace when he is mean."

18. What makes you happy? :: "Love"

19. What makes you smile? :: "Happy people"

20. What makes you sad? :: "Mean people"

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