Wednesday, May 12, 2010

20 questions with Trace

Okay, we've gotten to my little shadow. The sayer of "Mommy?" 53,456 times a day. My little dude who's always willing to help me out (add to any mess I've got going on) and my own personal alarm clock (not by snuggling, but instead by his stuffed dog biting my face).

He's a hot head who blows up at me numerous times a day, but can melt my heart with one of his good night hugs. I call him "Tonto" ... and "Stormy" ... and "Traceman" ... and "Buddy." I've got money on him breaking an arm before the summer is over. He's my everything in one little, temperamental package.

1. What is your favorite TV show? :: "Chuggington"

2. What is your favorite movie? :: "Toy Story"

3. What is your favorite food? :: "Chicken and cereal"

4. Who is your best friend? :: "Papa"

5. Who is your favorite singer? :: "Chicken Fried" (read: Zac Brown Band)

6. What is your favorite song? :: "Hillbilly Bone" (by Blake Shelton)

7. What is your favorite book? :: "Smash! Crash!"

8. What do you want to be when you grow up? :: "Papa"

9. Would you rather play outside or inside? :: "Outside"

10. Would you rather swing or slide? :: "Slide"

11. What's better - swimming in the pool or bike riding? :: "Swimming in the pool"

12. Chocolate or vanilla? :: "Chocolate"

13. Would you rather have a cookie or candy? :: "Candy"

14. How do you like your marshmallows roasted? :: "Brown"

15. Where is your favorite place to go? :: "Bye bye"

16. Which do you like better - bubblegum or chocolate chips? :: "Bubblegum"

17. What are you scared of? :: "I don't know."

18. What makes you happy? :: "Goofy"

19. What makes you smile? :: "My car"

20. What makes you sad? :: "When my Treaty's gone." (his stuffed dog lovey)

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