Wednesday, September 22, 2010

She's S-I-X ... 6!

Here's my baby ...

turning six. Yes, six. It doesn't seem possible, and I wouldn't believe it if it weren't for the diaper changing, potty training, preschool drop offs and first days of school that got us here.

The one thing she REALLY wanted for her birthday was an iPod. Had to be pink. Had to be small. Had to have music (Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez to be exact). Music, that upon receipt of the iPod, has played nonstop since Saturday's party. And even when she's at school and Selena's voice isn't filling the living room, I hum the tunes in the dj's absence.

(The party after the party.)

Turning six also scored her a new, "big bike." Translation ... it has no training wheels. Here's hoping it's the kick in the rear we all need to help her learn to ride on her own. She was thrilled with the bike, and willing to give it a go.

After a few laps up and down the sidewalk on the new bike and she had to get dolled up to take her birthday calls. She's got a long list of people who love her and called to wish her a great birthday. After all, it's hard being this fancy when you're six.

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