Monday, April 16, 2007

Eight weeks and the world's a better place

Just eight weeks ago they made their way into the world. First Trace arrived, followed just eight minutes later by little miss Alysse. In an instant they could bring a smile to your face, and in eight short weeks a few funny faces and some baby talk will put a smile on theirs.

He's a prince. Small and patient ... already realizing that to try and out do the squeaky wheels in the house (who take the form of three little drama queens) isn't worth the effort. He knows mom won't forget him. A tiny little miracle with bright eyes and a wrinkled forehead. He holds all the potential in the world and promises not to disappoint.

She's a beauty. Round and happy ... already anticipating her membership in the girl gang that's sure to become the Scott sisters. She watches and waits, then makes her presence known. Perhaps the sassiest of them all. A minute blessing with big eyes that stare up at you and dark hair as smooth as silk. She's guaranteed to bring joy to each life she touches.

They are amazing. Not only as a pair, but as individuals. The instanteous love a mother feels when holding her baby for the first time is overwhelming. To think this love could be doubled seemed unimaginable, but they managed to do the impossible and each day since has only gotten better.

A "wonder," grandma called them when meeting them for the first time. The best description yet for what I once didn't understand, but now can't imagine living without. In a mere eight weeks they've made the world a better place, and I can only dream about what lies ahead. Happy eight-week birthday babies!

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