Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Two little hands behind the wheel

The Easter Bunny made a stop by our house this past weekend. He brought the usual baskets and candy, along with other little treats for the believers in our house. But the little "hopper," as the girls call him, managed to lug into our garage an 80-pound battery-powered Jeep Hurricane as well.

When the two little pairs of eyes first caught a glimpse of the "new truck" they weren't quite sure what to make of it. I'm not sure they knew exactly what it was at first. After a few moments Alivia decided she needed to get into the passenger's seat, leaving Alena behind the wheel (which was actually a good thing since Liv's stumpy little legs don't quite reach the gas yet).

Once in their seats, they were content to just sit still listening to the radio. Yes, anything with a radio that tunes to country music is okay by Alena's standards. Dad then gave it some gas and like magic it moved.

Realizing she could control this piece of machinery herself, Alena got a bit timid. Realizing they could cruise behind the wheel ... just the two of them ... Liv fell in love.

With three drives now under their belts, the girls are now just wishing for warm weather to stay so they can get their new truck out for daily spins. While I'm not quite sure the world's ready for these little hands behind the wheel, they are ready for the adventure.

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