Friday, August 24, 2007

Buzz, we love your fair

Alena and Alivia made two trips to Grandpa Buzz's fair this week (also known as the Allen County Fair to everyone else who isn't a Buzz grand kid). We all traveled north earlier in the week to make our first visit, but just dad and the older girls headed out today since there's only so much six-month-olds can do at a fair (read ... ride in the stroller and get frightened by loud carnival rides, and that's about it).

Alena and Alivia's Friday adventure included a ride in a "huge" helicopter, a "weird hopper," a feed dispenser at the petting zoo that contained "bones" and miniature ponies that finally went to "sleep" for having worn themselves out parading the girls around in circles.

I'm not sure two little girls could have come home from a day out and about with dad and had any more fun than they did. There were tales of ferris wheel rides, pig poop and a large turkey. Their retelling of the day's events was even better than taking a trip there myself, as the people, places and things as seen through their eyes can't be beat. It's truly the simple things that leave a lasting impression and take their breath away.

You just can't help feeling like a kid again when you're surrounded by them, for their innocence, imagination and curiosity is consuming and refreshing. And for all the experience and knowledge we adults may have, it's their simple approach to life that captures your attention and teaches you what's really important.

Until next year Buzz, thanks for the fair memories ... they had a great time.

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