Wednesday, August 8, 2007

We have sitters

Trace and Alysse are sitting. They've been "practicing" this new skill for a couple weeks, but today, I officially declared them sitters.

While they still have to be watched in this new upright position (if something amuses Alysse, she'll arch her back to let out a squeal causing her to tip back), they're now able to sit and interact with what's around them.

Trace is still a bit wobbly if he becomes too engrossed in something and forgets he's now controlling his position and not using someone or something else for support. But, they deserve their "sitters" designation as they are able to sit for several minutes without incident.

Stay tuned. Next up is crawling and Alysse is off to a good start getting her knees positioned under her and her butt in the air. I've even noticed in the last day or two, she's discovered that she can get her chest a great distance off the floor by pushing and straightening her arms. She's already managing to cover a serious amount of floor space without mastering the crawl ... although moving in reverse.

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