Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Here's a handful for you

To give is better than to receive. It's a moral lesson all parents wish to instill in their children. You can preach it, you can attempt to teach it through example, and then you're left hoping that it's somehow sinking in.

As Halloween came and trick or treat hours were upon us, we headed out to knock on doors and ring doorbells in the neighborhood. One block and about eight houses later, we were asked, "Can we go home and give out candy?"

Sure, we headed back to the most familiar house on the street. Cinderella and Tinkerbell took their positions next to dad on the front porch to await visitors. Trace and Alysse hung out inside in the entryway, looking out the front door and taking in all the action.

Once trick or treaters began coming, Alena wanted more. The more that came, the more our little goblins wished would follow. Kids that trekked up our driveway and opened their bags got handfuls of candy from our hander-outers. The girls loved it.

As 8 o'clock came and went, they stayed outside, asking when more kids would come. They still hand candy to hand out. For them, giving was far more fun than receiving.

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