Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sunday morning princess dreams

Disney on Ice's Princess Classics made its way through the Queen City over the weekend and our little Cinderella and Snow White had great seats for the skating extravaganza. Sunday morning at 11:30, we found ourselves sitting in row A of a lower section of U.S. Bank Arena. A spot perfect for two princess seekers.

Choosing to wear their best princess garb, Cinderella (Alena) and Snow White (Alivia) fit right in with a great many other little girls dressed in royal wear. Putting on the princess costumes was half the fun for them, I think. Alena proved fit for a ball, making the trek to and from the venue wearing her diamond-studded, slightly-heeled Cinderella slingbacks (yep, she's going to be trouble once she hits the teen years).

As soon as the lights went down, the girls sat mesmerized by the princess fantasies, costumed characters and stories (most of which) they are familiar with. There was a huge elephant featured in the "Aladdin" segment of the show that I thought would make Alivia's eyes pop out of her head.

Dwarfs danced, magic carpets flew and fairy godmothers waved magic wands. And Alena and Alivia sat taking in every minute. The princess costumes were a dream come true for any little girl. The character costumes made even a mom think the dwarfs and mice had come to life.

While Alena was bound and determined she would dance with Belle or Cinderella, even when the show came to a close and she hadn't gotten her dance, she left completely satisfied with having watched the pageantry. Alivia sat surprising still throughout the performance, which managed to hold her attention up until the last ten minutes or so when she conked out on my lap.

Our trip was full of Disney magic, fit for our special princesses. A dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep ... only this time we were wide awake.

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