Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dear Santa:

So finally, after much deliberation, Mr. Claus, I've got my list together. While I realize you can't grant each and every wish on my list, if you could sweet talk the elves into helping deliver just a couple, I'll be a happy girl.

First, I'd like health for our little ones during the coming year. After all, isn't that at the top of each mom's list? Yeah, I'll deal with a puker here and there, or an ear infection from time to time, but if you could wrap up no major illnesses or incidents, I'd really appreciate it.

Next, four little smiles. They each have a beautiful one, if you could just find a gift bag to hold more smiles than frowns, the world will be a better place. One smiling solo lights up a room, get them all doing it simultaneously, and you'll be able to find our house without Rudolph's help.

I'd also like the strength, patience and endurance to teach my own little elves life's true priorities. That a dad that works hard to take care of them is worth his weight in gold. That family and friends who love, support and care for them is priceless. And that memories of reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas" before naptime trumps a trip to see the Disney princesses skate any day.

Laughter. Alena and Alivia have giggles that I wouldn't trade for a winning lottery ticket. Alysse laughs like a machine gun which in turn makes you laugh, and Trace has a belly laugh so hearty you'd swear it wouldn't fit in his tiny body. Please, just let me have a listen of each one every day and I'll owe you.

And finally, I'm asking for kisses, or rather the chance to plant them. Kisses to start and end each day. Kisses on banged knees, pinched fingers and stubbed toes. Kisses when they're sad or when they've done something wonderful. Kisses just because.

In return, just let me know if there's anything I can do for you. I'd be willing to sacrifice nearly anything for any one of these gifts granted. With any luck you'll make your rounds successfully this Christmas Eve and enjoy all that's to come from giving.


P.S. While Trace and Alysse have been sporting shirts that say all I want for Christmas is a silent night, I really wouldn't know what to do with one if you gave it to me, so please just stick with the list outlined above.

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