Saturday, December 15, 2007

The view from down there

We took bets before the Christmas tree went up as to who would be the one to bring it down. All bets were all Alysse (sorry, Lysse).

Two babies crawling, who are curious about everything, I thought for sure the tree didn't stand a chance. While decorating, instructions were laid out that glass ornaments were to be hung up higher, leaving the less "dangerous" ones for the twin zone.

To their credit, Trace and Alysse didn't give the tree a second glance when it initially made its appearance. Even a couple weeks into its living room stance, it remained pretty much untouched by either baby. Honestly, I silently wondered what was wrong.

And then, in the past week, it's all changed. As if the tree had just magically appeared there one day, Trace took notice. At first he was content to sit at the tree's base and look up.

I have to wonder how the view is from down there. I can sit and look up alongside him and yes, it's a whole new tree from down there looking up. But even with the new perspective for me, the tree doesn't pose the drastic difference in proportion for me that he sees. The seven and a half foot tree must seem to him like a 12 story building does to me.

After his initial interest in looking only, he's moved on to taking a feel. Sitting close enough to bat at the ornaments was sufficient for his opening act, but now he's discovered he can stand close enough to the sofa and reach out to grab ornaments originally out of reach while sitting on the floor.

While he's managed to knock a couple free, I think his interest in the tree has remained because it creates a game with each encounter. He touches, and then hears a "no, no Trace." Back comes the hand and seconds later, he can't resist doing it again. "No, no Trace," and the hand is again quietly withdrawn. And so it goes a dozen times.

In his tree game, I've seen some orneriness emerging. Something I'll confess Alysse has had the monopoly on up until this point. He gets a sparkle in his eye and a mischievous grin takes its place on his little face. He knows he's being naughty, but enjoys it too much to stop.

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