Thursday, July 3, 2008

Maybe they do, I just don't see it

We can't leave the confines of our home without someone commenting about how much the four kids look alike. But, I don't see it.

At some point in time I thought Alysse resembled Alena. Therefore, months ago I would have agreed that "yeah, there are a couple of them that look alike." However, now there's no resemblance at all among them ... at least in my eyes.

Apparently they must look alike to some degree or we wouldn't hear the statement made so frequently. So why is it that strangers see the common look and their own mother doesn't?

It's a little thing called personality.

I know them. Not from the outside in, but from the inside out. I know their temperaments; their likes and dislikes; how each reacts differently presented with the same situation; and what causes heartaches, fits and laughter in each one. I know them as individuals.

The most beautiful thing about the foursome is that each is his or her own person. That four little beings came from the same parents, are cared for in the same manner and share similar life experiences, yet are so very different is something to admire.

There's the clown, the diva, the scrapper and the terror (I'll not place labels and names together ... a mother shouldn't do such things). All so incredibly not the same, they couldn't possibly even look similar to me, I suppose.

I've given up trying to disagree that I don't see the likeness. I now nod in agreement as strangers marvel at all the seemingly "look-a-like" little faces, and comment how cute they are. In my heart, though, I know better. They may all be cute, but there's not one anywhere close to being like another.

P.S. Today I'm thankful for:

  • what a great big sister Alena can be to her siblings.
  • the joy that seeing two swimming turtles brought Alivia.
  • Trace getting closer to a full set of teeth (new tooth arrivals means more teething behind us (Trace teething = excessive whining)).
  • Alysse being my baby. A mother deserves her last to be as special as she is.
  • our new patio. Albeit, totally materialistic, but I'm thrilled with the addition and the added outdoor space to enjoy.

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