Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Proof positive

If there was any remaining doubt (can't really say much was left) that boys and girls are like night and day, it has vanished.

Scene one: Helping the girls in the bathroom this morning Trace saunters in and proceeds to use the step stool in front of the toilet to climb up onto the toilet and stand on its lid.

While we've become accustomed to his putting things into the toilet (a Dr. Seuss board book is his latest casualty), he's now added this bigger, better trick. And as I'm saying, "no, no, no," he stood there grinning at me, thrilled with his latest idea.

Scene two: A trip to the backyard removes him from any toilet incidents. Yet, turning my back on him for about three seconds provided just enough time for him to climb into the sand portion of the sand and water play table and get to his feet. Even Alena and Alivia weren't quite sure they were believing what they were seeing. You'd need to stand in it, why?

Scene three: After lunch while everyone else was reading books or doing puzzles, Trace completely emptied the bottom shelf of the bookcase and climbed into it. "Why is he doing that mom?," Alivia asked.

"I don't know," was all I knew to say. Because I too was asking myself "why would you do that Trace?"

"He does boy things," I followed up. This seemed to satisfy her need to understand. Although mine was still a bit unsatisfied.

The task of removing all books, blocks and puzzles from the shelf certainly wasn't worth the space he then had to climb into. Not to mention the two dozen times to banged his head into the shelf above. A seat on the couch would have been more easily gained and comfortable.

Oh, but that's right. The couch is for running, climbing and other various stunts.

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