Friday, July 17, 2009

TGIF for little people

A beautiful Friday for ...

bug catching :: We've yet to identify our winged prisoner, but he won't last long around these bug observers.

swinging :: Higher and higher. "More mom, more." My arms have unmatched pushing endurance.

emergency medical procedures :: Removal of some sort of splinter from Alivia's foot. Considering she's spent most of the last two months barefoot, one related injury isn't bad. And I take full responsibility for her hillbilly ways (it's learned from her mother). All too soon it will be too cool to feel the grass beneath your feet. Enjoy it now.

digging :: Dirt, rocks, bugs ... all will do. The day's digging equipment loss reached two broken shovels and one decimated bucket.

dare devil riding :: This one has emergency room written all over it. It did, however, spark debate ... which is more dangerous, crazy downhill rides or standing on swings?

weather forecasting :: A four-year-old tribute to WLWT's weekend morning meteorologist, Randi Rico. I'm telling you, I only capture footage of the drama already in play, where she gets these things, I haven't yet figured out. If country music star falls through, I suppose she's always got weather reporting to fall back on.


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Randi Rico said...

that is way TOOO CUTE! Shes going to take my job someday!