Sunday, July 5, 2009

Griswolds, glow sticks and fireworks

There's nothing like watching fireworks at Fairfield's Harbin Park. Situated above the rest of the city, it's large enough to easily accommodate the crowd and puts the show right above you, leaving you to brush off the pyrotechnic shrapnel after the last boom has deadened.

Arriving early enough to secure one of the few remaining parking spaces nearby gave us a chance to enjoy the music of The Rusty Griswolds. Ahhh, music of the 80s. Music that our children don't know. "What's the 80s?," they asked. But, they loved it nevertheless. They danced ...

and danced some more.

When their legs got tired, their imaginations kicked in. Like ... how many silly things can you do with those magical glow sticks that are never absent from Fourth of July celebrations?

When the main show started, it all stopped. The giggles and shrieks fell silent while they took in the color and sparkle. Silence ... it doesn't come often.


Lizz said...

Judging by the pics, I don't think they could have had a better time!

wahab said...

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