Friday, June 26, 2009

Sandy splishing and splashing

Not sure there was a better return on investment to be found in terms of entertainment value than my $3 bag of water balloons, my eyes were opened.

Yes, for the mere $7 which it costs a Buckeye SUV to enter Brookville, Indiana's Mounds State Recreational Area we reaped hours of sand and water play. Digging, dumping, shoveling, packing, splashing.

Sand could be dumped into the water. The water could be hauled by the buckets and slopped into the sand. All with reckless abandon. A huge sandbox and wading pool combination that didn't need to be kept separate. Just delightful for messy, messy play.

They loved it. Absolutely loved it. For kids that haven't seen anything outside of the Indiana/Ohio/Northern Kentucky area, this lakeside beach was really something.

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