Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our member of the Class of 2022

If that graduation year doesn't make you feel old, there isn't anything that will. The Class of 2022. Crazy. Alena's now a member of the group.

She went to her first day of kindergarten with dad, smiling and waving goodbye. A parent was to accompany each student for their first day so everyone could learn how and where everything happens, as well as tour a big yellow school bus that will take her for her second and subsequent kindergarten days.

The day seemed to be a success. She "got" the ins and outs of where to go and what to do - an overview of the routine. Apparently she thought it was a little "babyish," hoping, I suppose for a bit more substance. This coming from a child that could hold a discussion with you on the topic of JFK and his assassination. Here's hoping things ramp up quickly.

She did draw a picture of our house, play on the playground and set off the alarm on the bus's emergency door during her tour. We'll consider that a start.

Now, I must spend some much needed time clearing my mind of visions of my throwing myself in front of the school bus as it takes off with my baby; and, per Alena's instruction, put "ask the bus driver his name" on my mental to do list.

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