Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Queen City for Circle City

A two-hour drive to Indianapolis is a real vacation when you haven't ever stayed away from your home. Going to visit your Aunt Mandy takes the vacation up a notch, aligning it on par with a seven-day cruise in your mother's world. This is no exaggeration.

Alivia kept track of how many days were until we left for the Circle City the entire week prior to our departure. Talk of hotels, two entire days of dining in restaurants, Aunt Mandy's condo and other foreign notions upped the anticipation factor. I don't know that Mickey Mouse could have created more fervor (okay maybe, but not by much).

That's the thing with having home-body, unworldly kids who don't know the ways of hotels and public transportation ... simple things cause quite a hullabaloo. It makes the question "Will the hotel have a washing machine?," totally reasonable.

And what fun they had.

A Saturday lunch at Rick's Cafe Boatyard on Eagle Creek Reservoir watching sailboats from our outdoor table and making pickle-eye faces.

Frolicking inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway before taking a bus tour around the historic 2.5 mile track.

A visit to the Indianapolis International Airport for plane gazing and baggage claim carousel watching. The whole suitcases being transported around for travelers to snatch up thing was fascinating.

Checking into the Indianapolis Hilton was much anticipated. Alena dubbed the deluxe room "amazing" upon sight; Trace called dibs on a bed before taking off his shoes; and Alysse set up her own enterprise at the room's desk.

Touring downtown via carriage ride was both thrilling and gave little legs a chance to rest. We were able to see the state house, the city's downtown canal and plenty of Hoosiers willing to wave to Trace.

A true treasure of the city, and perhaps the most entertaining stop, was the Indianapolis Children's Museum. This is one of the coolest places the kids have been, while the number of hands-on activities for even the smallest of kids is impressive.

They loved their trip. I dare not ask when they'd like to return ... I'd be willing to bet they'd have their bags packed before I got the question out of my mouth.

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Lizz said...

HEY! I recognize those places! You were a just a 40 min jaunt from me.

As I scrolled down I kept thinking...please tell me she took them to the Children's Museum! Fun, huh? We have yearly passes. I can't wait to go see the Tut exhibit.