Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We've been ...

reading :: Namely, our Flicka, Ricka, Dicka books and the Ivy and Bean boxed set Alena received for Christmas. We've read more Flicka, Ricka, Dicka in the last month than most people read in a lifetime; and the Ivy and Bean trilogy was finished tonight with requests for more.

spying :: on the gray squirrel that visits the window box outside the living room to fatten up on corn. The little critter must be either the hungriest or bravest squirrel alive. Surprisingly, he'll stick around for some time while everyone gets a good look. Alivia has charged herself with teaching him manners.

praying :: for all those affected by the earthquake in Haiti. While I'm not sure anyone can grasp the severity and expansiveness of the event, Alena has a keen interest in the tragedy. She's asked many questions and is trying to piece it together (as I too have been).

making :: masterpieces of all varieties. Wood, yarn and fax paper have been the most recent mediums. There's never a lack of imagination among our artists.

racing :: on the Roller Racer (institutional model, nonetheless) Santa stashed under the tree. The kids have been rolling around the basement on it ever since. Oddly enough, the mom of one of Alivia's classmates recently complimented her Roller Racer skills.

wishing :: for warmer days. The kids think they're coming soon. Not as soon as we'd all like, I'm afraid. Alysse has spent the last two days wearing flip flops. So, if you see her, don't judge ... I've given up the fight.

watching :: movies on Friday nights. Finally our weekly movie night has returned for more than a single Friday here and there. Popcorn spiked with M&Ms have made Toy Story (1 and 2) and Alvin and the Chipmunks even better. Amazingly enough, everyone manages to sit still and actually WATCH. This is a new phenomenon in our house.

playing :: the new games that have found a home among us. Trace and Alysse now "get" the concept of memory, and the couple of Blue Orange games new to our shelf have become favorites.

planning :: the big double three birthday that's just around the corner. The guests of honor quickly nixed my Dr. Seuss theme suggestion, so we've been brainstorming.

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