Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bird hair crazy

That's what we are.

We're staring snow day number two in the face. This, after Alivia was asking when she could go back to school before the new year even got here. Her Tuesday/Thursday school schedule's not working in her favor in 2010.

It's been days and days since the kids have been outside for longer than it takes to walk to the driveway. Their pent up energy is outwardly visible.

This morning Alysse decorated the sump pump with fake geraniums for Jason.

This morning Alivia decorated her head with birds.

This afternoon the kids were making "9-1-1" calls saying that their siblings needed to be taken to jail.

This evening Alena and Trace were getting married which required Alivia's pretend sobbing, Alena yelling and other random craziness.

It's getting scary. Although not as scary as the fact that spring is frighteningly far away. Help.

The only thing that might get me through snow day number two is this. Let's hope it works.


Anonymous said...

Yvette - Bundle them up and let them go out for a little while. Won't be long before they get cold and have hot chocolate waiting for them. It's a winter wonderland out there right now. Carly went tubing behind the 4-wheeler yesterday. Talk about a wet snow suit when she came in.

Lizz said...

You poor thing!!! Stir crazy kids are hard to deal with, esp if you have cabin fever as well. But is it really worth bundling them all up to take them somewhere? Not really. LOL!

I have a friend who would DIE at the bird hair pic. She has this phobia of birds getting stuck in her hair.