Tuesday, December 29, 2009

12 memories of Christmas 2009

1. This is what all four of the kids were like for DAYS and DAYS preceding Christmas, and even for several days after the big day. Christmas-crazed is a bit of an understatement for the hyperactivity, excitement and all-around-nuttiness that we all endured.

2. Please note the brand new sofa Alysse is sitting on. She also had food and drink (as did the others) around said new sofa while in the state of crazy she is exhibiting here. This stressed me out. We don't have new furniture because of these kids; why, then, would hosts want our kids around their new furniture? My Christmas prayers were answered when we came and went from our Christmas Eve party without any sofa destruction.

3. Alena received the hair dryer that was at the top of her wish list. She can now play beauty shop and dry her own hair which she happens to think is fantastic. She's also accepting new clients.

4. While it looks as though she's in pain, Alysse is actually near tears upon opening the red flannel cat pajamas she requested for Christmas. She was precise in her request: red, not blue; must have me-meows; and sized 3T. She has simple wants.

5. Wheels. That's what makes Trace happy. Mix things up with something with wheels that can "drive" up onto something else with wheels, and he's in heaven. He loved this gift from Santa.

6. Do you hear what I hear? It's a drill press and saw of sorts on Trace's new Handy Manny work bench. This just makes him even manlier.

7. And if you're glad Alysse wasn't eating or drinking around your new sofa, you're probably even happier she wasn't taking her clothes off in the middle of your Christmas party. She was gifted another pair of cat pajamas that were so incredibly cool, she had to try them on immediately.

8. This Christmas gift was perhaps the biggest hit with Alena ... a large box full of office supplies. Pencil sharpener, clip boards, paper, stapler. She's set up shop and is now open for business.

9. Alivia just loves this frog she received. It's soft, cuddly and takes up half of her bed.

10. For all of Alivia's excitement and enjoyment of the parties and presents, she was happy when some low-key time at home came around. My little homebody appreciates time at home.

11. Trace received a small velcro ball/board game that he quickly took too and appreciated Matt's willingness to hold the game's backboard. He had a blast.

12. On the way home from our Lima/Bellefontaine visiting and parties, the Suburban was packed to the gills. Had we received many more gifts, choices between transporting home gifts versus kids would have had to been made.

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