Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas countdown, day 20

Sunday's advent gift was a surprise inside a surprise. Unwrappers first uncovered Christmas tree ornaments; and once the initial onslaught of grabbing to each claim their own, they discovered the ornaments open.

Inside the secret compartment ornaments were tucked $10 bills.

First, everything is a dollar bill to them. Could be a $1 or $100 bill, it's still a dollar. Second, they always squirrel their dollars away in play wallets, purses or banks. Alena's immediately went to her secret hiding place where she's stashing her dollars and saving them up for a can't-yet-be-disclosed purpose.

This, by the way, is Trace's reaction when he thinks he's been robbed of his money. He totally played the "I didn't get a dollar" bit for as long as he could, until he got called out.

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