Thursday, December 24, 2009

Red handed

Here's the scene: Early Monday afternoon. Our kitchen. Gingerbread cookie and house decorating time.

Candies in small bowls. Everyone on a chair, able to reach the necessities.

Alena was methodical about her decorating. Her gingerbread girl had pink earmuffs and a candy pattern around its outside.

And then this happens. Did anyone see me?

Alivia is an intense gingerbread artist. She has vision. But she was also well aware of Trace's shenanigans.

And then this happens again. I know I'm caught, but all they did was squawk, so I'm good to go.

At this point Trace gets his own bowl with candy he can eat, but once it's gone, he's done. No. More.

Alysse is all about this decorating thing. Sticking candy in frosting, what's not to love.

About now the masses are getting perturbed at one among them who is stealing additional candy, and there is talk of pukage. They just know puking is in a certain someone's future.

And then this happens. All out of candy, there was nothing left to do but start in on the frosting.

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