Monday, June 14, 2010

Just a few reasons ...

why our kids are spoiled stinking rotten. But, I know, this too shall pass, and sooner than I'd like, we'll have four kids that don't want to be seen anywhere around us. So until that time comes, we'll indulge them with trips to the zoo and perhaps too much splashing.

Our summer days are numbered. Our days (wanting to be) together are numbered. Our days being completely thrilled by backyard sprinklers are numbered. My memories won't be.

Trace checking out a blue-tongued lizard at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Alivia and Alysse enjoying a red-footed tortoise at the zoo. They would have packed him up to come home with us.

Just one of the reasons why the county's water department LOVES us.

Alysse kicking back on the patio.

Alena at the top of a rope jungle gym we've discovered at a local park.

Visiting this particular park once a week or so, we've learned the walking path is great for bike riding.

We've got four kids that will now "go under" thanks to visits to East Butler County YMCA's waterpark.

A Sunday visit to Kings Island's Boomerang Bay proved popular. While they enjoyed the water slides, Alivia and Alysse named the lazy river their "favorite."

Alena and Alivia check out the jelly fish at the Newport Aquarium. The kids are always especially taken with this portion of the exhibits.

After the aquarium we took a walk across The Purple People Bridge. Spotting a large barge made it super cool for Trace.

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Lizz said...

I will never let my kids see your blog, they would be to jealous of all the fun. ;)