Thursday, June 3, 2010

School's out for the summer

"It has been wonderful having Alena in my class this year. She has worked very hard. Keep reading and writing with her this summer, and have a fantastic first grade year!"

This was the note added by Alena's kindergarten teacher to the wonderful fourth-quarter report card she brought home today. She's a first-grader now. Once the school year got rolling, the days flew by (at least for mom).

It really does seem not long ago that we were taking first-day-of-school photos and I was crying after the school bus. Now she's got a year of school under her belt (minus one missed day), and flies on and off the bus without either one of us batting an eye.

We're fortunate that Alena was given such a positive school experience from the very beginning. And even on her last day of school, she had a note tucked in her backpack from Mrs. Bonner asking the students to keep in touch over the summer. She included her home address so they can write her and fill her in on what they're up too.

What a terrific way to encourage their writing, and she'll genuinely enjoy getting each update. She'll most definitely be hearing from Alena; and Alena will be so thrilled with the letter writing and mailing aspect the learning will be fun.

First grade here she comes!

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