Thursday, August 26, 2010

First day, first grade

A little over seven hours ... that's how long I was without my baby today. Does first grade need to take so much time?

Time that I pined for her (and made homemade cinnamon bread for her). Time that Alivia longed for an Alena altercation (and ended up napping in said missing sister's bed). Time that we watched the clock chew up and spit out until we could go outside in waiting for that big yellow bus to return with her.

All the while, she was having a fantastic time.

The day was rated "super good" by our novice first grader, and there were reports of art class and playgrounds and stories and cafeterias and friends and student planners and buses and administrators ... even the color of their high heels (details, people - details). Her only complaint: there wasn't enough time to eat all of her lunch.

For all the bickering and headbutting we do, I know it all stems from our similarities. We're two of a kind; though, we'd both deny it. And while I talked it up and fake-smile waved as the bus drove away this morning, my heart ached until she returned.

How many days until summer vacation?

*For all my selfish, pitiful whining, I'm well aware we're blessed with a terrific teacher (who, oddly enough, strikingly reminds me of a certain on hiatus fourth grade teacher I know and love) who will teach, nurture and encourage Alena. In the coming weeks, I'll embrace the absence of my first born and recognize it as a learning experience for us both. Until that time, I reserve the right to boohoo.

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