Monday, August 30, 2010

Her kinda party

Jason's dad (aka Buzz), a fair board director for the Allen County Fair, typically gets a meet and greet pass for performers entertaining at the fair's concerts. Over the years, he has generously given away his rights to meet Martina McBride and Montgomery Gentry, among others.

When I asked for his pass to Saturday night's meet and greet with Jason Aldean, I suspect everyone assumed my request stemmed from a desire to check out Aldean's Wranglers up close.

While there's no doubting Wrangler has a reason for promoting their jeans via the country music star's rear, my days of drooling over stars' behinds are long gone. Perhaps age teaches you to appreciate talent over rear ends.

In actuality, the impetus behind my interest was in giving the pass to the only person I'll ever know who could sing the star's hit "Johnny Cash" before she was two. The toddler who asked "What's a Pall Mall?". The kid who can sing along with any one of his songs that comes on the radio.

And, as a mom, there are some things I just know. Like when your father-in-law bestows said pass upon you, you lay low; stick to your guns; and wait to see a smile on a kid's face bigger than even you can imagine.

Alivia's brush with country music stardom put her in the clouds. Apparently she was not so starstruck as to not be able to answer his questions as to what her name is and how old she is. However, the stickered pass she wore was moved from concert clothes to pajamas, and on and off again several times before being retired to the hat bearing the Jason Aldean autograph she scored. Days later she still grins and giggles when talking about her encounter.

While country music's stars come and go, I'm willing to bet Alivia will stay a Jason Aldean fan for the long haul. He'll always be Johnny Cash to her. And, for the record, a platinum artist willing to squat down to have his picture taken with a four-year-old is far sexier than anything Wrangler can slap on his ass.

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