Monday, October 11, 2010

Tooth today, gone tomorrow

Is it bad mothering to admit there's one of your children you hate to see grow up more than the others?

I'm guessing so. But, it's so totally true in the case of my pixie.

My little Liv, who lost her first tooth, and is now sporting an empty gap which initiates her into the "kids big enough to loose teeth" group. All when she's so perfectly perfect being little.

While she's our child least like me, she's the child I most enjoy getting to discover. There's a zest about her that I hope never leaves. And while we have our moments, she's a joy to watch learn, grow and take on the world.

She placed the teeny, tiny baby tooth in waiting for the tooth fairy, then had to check on it a couple times before bedtime; tell it goodbye; and proceed to ask no less than two dozen questions about the tooth fairy and her methods. All these proof as to why I'd most like to keep her this way.

Tiny teeth are just the start of the tiny leaving her.

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