Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas countdown, day 1

We're dusting off this old blog for a comeback of the Christmas countdown extravaganza. Literally ... wiping off the drywall dust. The blog has been neglected the past couple of months while we drywalled and finished the walls in our basement. We've now got electric, ceiling and walls, so let's mark off the days until Christmas before we start slapping on some paint.

For those not in the know, the countdown means a package(sometimes small and simple, sometimes large and not-so-simple) each day of December until we reach the big 2-5 and Santa's arrival.

Having experienced this generosity of Jason's parents the last several years, the kids know the drill and flock each day to the wrapped surprise. New this year are clues attached to the top of each gift that Alena can read to the crowd. This may prove most amusing as they can each make a guess as to what's inside before the shredding frenzy begins. Note: Alysse's guess for today was a big rabbit that would hop around the house "tooting."

While there was no large, gassy hare, there were four stocking hangers with numbered blocks to change each day noting the number of days left until Christmas, and a three-dimensional advent house.

They quickly arranged their numbers to read "24" (except for Trace who's telling of "42" days until Christmas) and agreed to take turns each day opening a door or window on the gingerbread house.

Let the counting begin ...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Yvette for taking time from your construction project to let us in on the fun. It is always fun to collect the countdown - but the best fun is in seeing their reactions. Maw Maw & Buzz

Anonymous said...

PS I LOVE the new banner header - they look like professional models in the most professional layout!