Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas countdown, day 10

Let's talk adjectives that succinctly describe our children ... nuts and cheesy. Now, wrap up those adjectives and you've got two-thirds of today's surprises.

First, a can of holiday nuts. In an ironic turn of events, our "nuts" love nuts. The two pounds of assorted, in-shell nuts we recently purchased at Jungle Jim's lasted approximately five days. With their new can of holiday crunchiness, they should be able to quicken the shoveling of nuts into their mouths since these came sans-shells and their mouths won't have to be held up by our "slow" cracking and discarding of shells.

Second, cheesiness is involved by way of an entire can of popcorn. While we must make mention that Alysse guessed the package would contain a super big marshmallow and was subsequently disappointed when that wasn't the case; she quickly warmed up to what WAS inside when she realized the can contained popcorn. Yes, they love popcorn (almost as much as nuts).

These snacks should last about as long as the final treat - Disney's "A Christmas Carol" on DVD. Good munching must always accompany a holiday flick. Can you hear the crunching?

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