Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas countdown, day 3

Meteorologists may talk of lake-effect snow or Albert clippers in referencing weather patterns, we have our own phenomenon around here called the snowball effect. One person snags something they're not supposed to have and gets away with it, and we then have three others making demands; one kid is given a chance to do something and the next thing you know a line has formed. Things tend to quadruple or snowball very quickly.

The snowball effect was a full on system this afternoon when it came to guessing what was inside today's package. After reading the clue, Alena was so confident in her guess, it suddenly snowballed around the ring of wrapping paper shredders leaving no one with a guess of their own (yes, not even tooting rabbit girl).

So when the "Christmas outfits" theory panned out, there was nothing left to do but model the new threads. Red velveteen dresses with snowmen and fir trees (along with candy cane striped leggings) for the girls and a moose appliqued sweater (with plaid shirt and cords) for the long ranger.

All new outfits are tumbling in the dryer now ... our laundry lady was given strict instructions to have the new duds ready for wear tomorrow. Yet another thing that snowballed.

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