Monday, June 9, 2008

And our Taylor stalking continues

Alena's stalking admiration of Taylor Swift got a boost after seeing the star's performance on the recent Country Music Awards compliments of Tivo.

During the program, Taylor's performance of a song, until then, unheard by us, featured guitar throwing, clothes being ripped off and a finale which included a downpour. You know, the kind of craziness that makes a stalker's head spin.

Since taking in the spectacle, Alena's video of choice for dancing and singing before bath time has been this "Should Have Said No" clip. As a result, Jason sings the song at work, I could recite the lyrics in my sleep and Alena and Alivia have perfected the performance's choreography. Let's face it, we're all scary.

I have to hand it to Alena for her impassioned rendition of the performance and eye for detail in mimicking hand gestures and other movements (please note: the attempt to strangle Trace and Alivia are her attempts to copy Taylor's putting her arm around a band member's shoulders).

So take two minutes of your day and get a load of a star in the making. Let's just hope this Christmas' wish list doesn't involve a sprinkler system in the kitchen.*

* To check out Taylor's performance, actually hear the lyrics or make sense of the sprinkler reference, please visit

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