Thursday, June 26, 2008

Little foodie duck watchers

Finding myself wanting to take the kids to the zoo for the new Giraffe Ridge exhibit, but not mustering the gumption for such an adventure in 90 degree weather, and facing a mid-week fruit shortage, we compromised and made a jaunt to Jungle Jim's.

After grocery shopping last weekend, I noticed three ducklings swimming near the store's exit and knew Alivia would LOVE them. I was right. She. Loved. Them. Actually, she loved them so much, she wanted to buy one. Which led to my needing to explain that ducklings weren't for sale at the grocery store.

While there, the girls also made a pit stop at the store's awarding winning Port-O-Let restrooms and posed for a picture on the faux red velvet throne. They think it's a trip!

P.S. Today I'm thankful for:

  • time spent snuggling with Alena telling her how we used to bathe her in a little baby bathtub.
  • how Alivia becomes engrossed in her favorite books.
  • knowing the love of a son.
  • Alysse's hugs.

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