Friday, June 20, 2008

Kings Island, part two

After a Thursday trip to Kings Island, Alena and Alivia now have a new favorite ride - the log flume, or The Wild Thornberrys™ River Adventure to be exact. While they revisited their former favorite, the Scrambler, a couple times for nostalgia's sake, it is the log flume they are now enamored with.

While the Scrambler offered spinning and sailing through the air, it doesn't have the one thing the log flume does ... water. Water which splashes in the "boats," and any part of the girls that doesn't get soaked from the in flood, gets taken care of by the water-spraying elephant positioned near the end of the ride.

Dad, Alena and Alivia stood in line to ride the attraction four times during our recent visit, but actually only rode three times due to an in-line potty-break interruption during wait number three. Had we allowed them to get off the ride and proceed immediately back to the ride's line, I'm convinced they would have done this all day.

Ride oneRide two
Ride three
And when you're not yet big enough to ride the Scrambler or the log flume, you can cheer on the riders you do know and run in complete opposite directions when you're removed from your wagon ride.

We also saw Scooby Doo during our visit which thrilled Alena, but Alivia had a bit of trepidation about getting too close. She eventually got within touching distance when Dad stepped in with some support.

P.S. Today I'm thankful for:

  • the means to take our children on fun adventures like our Kings Island trip that they'll remember into adulthood.
  • Alena's pitching in to help out in little ways when she's not asked to do so.
  • Alivia's constant chattering, while sometimes nerve wracking, I'm thankful she's a happy, chatty kid who obviously has lots to say.
  • Trace's sparing the geraniums and hibiscus in the backyard while threatening to trample them all with his toy mower.
  • Alysse's keen sense of observation ... this one doesn't miss a beat.

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