Tuesday, August 19, 2008

18 things about Alysse at 18 months

Alysse, can it be that I've known you 18 months already? You're beauty continues to touch me every day.

There's something so very real about you. Something indescribable that I hope I can hold onto for a lifetime. I'll lose the days of "little you" much more quickly than I'd like, so here's a list of the things I appreciate most about you at 18 months to help me reminisce someday when you're wearing make-up, dating boys and leaving for college.

1. You love shoes ... yours, someone else's, doesn't matter.

2. You give wonderful hugs and dole out kisses freely.

3. You so want to do everything your older sisters do.

4. You love to sing and dance.

5. You've pooped on the potty once.

6. You're silly and know it.

7. Your vocabulary is growing every day.

8. You're messy when you eat. Really messy.

9. Your ability to comprehend is impressive.

10. You love to play caterpillar games in bed with Alena before calling it a night.

11. You'd rather be naked than clothed.

12. You are able to play independently, and are creative when doing so.

13. You love to brush your teeth.

14. You dislike having your face wiped clean.

15. You are rowdy and loud when you choose to be.

16. You love desserts of any sort.

17. Your little heart is easily broken.

18. You love your daddy lots.

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