Monday, August 25, 2008

Take two (Tums) and call me in the morning

Unless I'm pregnant, I don't have heartburn. Last night, after dinner, or more exactly, after our post dinner monkeying around, I had heartburn like I've never had before except once when pregnant with Alivia and convinced I was dying.

No ... I am definitely NOT pregnant. One hundred percent sure, everyone breathe ... breathe. The source of the heartburn, I believe, was the after effects of previous pregnancies.

There was Sprite sipping by Trace who we had never offered pop to before. While he liked the sweet, syrupy taste, the carbonation provided a new sensation he wasn't convinced he liked. After each sip, he'd try to pick the fizz off his tongue.

Then there was the flatus being created by Alivia with her mouth and empty cup. The more we laughed, the more fictitious gas she produced. The kid's just not right. Note to self: Must explain this isn't proper dinner table entertainment.

And finally, Alysse too was treated to drinks of Sprite from my glass, which she slurped up like a large mouth bass and then allowed to roll down her chin and chest.

In viewing the videos, which really aren't too far from the ordinary at our table, I'm not surprised by the heartburn which plagued me long after the laughter ended. I'm more surprised it's not a condition I encounter more often.

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