Tuesday, August 19, 2008

18 things about Trace at 18 months

Trace, you're 18 months ... a year and a half. Running, climbing and finding all sorts of trouble.

To etch in my mind all the wonderful things about you at 18 months, I've compiled a list so when you're 18 years old and your days of being small seem like a lifetime ago in my memory, I've got a list to help me recall the "you" of now.

1. You love to dig in the dirt with me (in fact, you're a bit obsessed with my garden trowel).

2. Your laugh is infectious and something I hope you never outgrow.

3. You insist on climbing on anything and everything.

4. You love applesauce.

5. You're sleeping in a big boy bed.

6. You'd rather have your shoes off than on.

7. You can be a hot-head when not given your way.

8. You love dogs.

9. You like to read two books with me ... a Little People farm book and Big Rigs. Our readings must include animal and motor noises.

10. Your little wookiee noises make mom and dad laugh until we cry.

11. You love dad's backyard shed where the lawnmower, weedeater and other manly things are kept.

12. You love your Tonka dump truck.

13. You can make Alivia scream and run for help when the urge hits you (her torment is your amusement).

14. Actually, while the shortest in the house, you can make all three of your sisters scream simultaneously.

15. You get grumpy quick when it's time for a nap.

16. You'd rather wander free than hold hands and stay close.

17. Anything with wheels fascinates you.

18. You love to be snuggled and loved on.

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