Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School days, school days

Alena's first day of preschool, version 4.0, was today. Today put her one year closer to the big K (kindergarten).

Alena was so looking forward to returning to school, and eager to start the year with Miss Mandy (let's face it, Aunt Mandy, the name already ups the teacher's popularity with her).

She started the day with pancakes and cereal ... her request; was quick to get dressed; and grabbed her Hello Kitty school bag she had picked out herself in preparation for the school year.

Making the switch from last year's Tuesday/Thursday routine to the Monday/Wednesday/Friday program to help our household scheduling, left her knowing only one other girl from her three-year-old class (most of her other friends from last year are attending Tuesday/Thursday/Friday), but this didn't seem to be an issue with her. She's got lots of new friends to make.

Alena with her drop-off/pick-up entourage.

When we picked her up, she was grinning from ear to ear. She had a terrific time, and quickly told me how she hadn't been bossy with her teachers. While we weren't aware we needed to remind her not to "boss" her teachers, she does get reminded frequently not to "boss" Alivia. Good work, nonetheless.

Note: For anyone wondering, Alivia too will soon be starting preschool. Because of the September 30 birth date deadline and the fact that she is still only two, the YMCA has agreed to allow her to enter the three-year-old program once she turns three. So stay tuned ... she'll be having her first day of school at the beginning of November.

P.S. Today I'm thankful for:
  • our proximity to the East Butler County YMCA and the facility's preschool program. When taking Alena to school, I'm always confident she'll be well cared for, exposed to new things and happy.
  • babies who give each other goodnight kisses. I've seen it dozens and dozens of times, but it still warms my heart each night when Trace and Alysse plant one on each other.
  • Alivia's understanding beyond her age that she too will get to go to school soon.
  • a husband who awaits a phone call from Alena to hear about her first day of school.

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