Saturday, October 11, 2008

A classic pumpkin tale

The little fleece pumpkin costume stayed on hold at the store for a day. Knowing it was right, but reluctant to its commonness, I wanted a day to think about it.

Why when everyone else seemed perfectly suited in frog costumes or princess dresses was the pumpkin her? Let's be honest a pumpkin costume for Halloween is rather generic and unimaginative, yes?

But even after getting only steps from the store's door, I knew we'd be back the next day for it. I just had to resolve why the typical, Halloween epitomizing get-up was what suited her best.

After wondering if she is destined to always get the shaft because she's the baby or if being at the end of the line somehow makes her less deserving a thoughtful, original costume, it hit me.

She's a classic. In every sense of the word, Alysse is as classic as a pumpkin costume for Halloween.

Genuine, funny and everything in between, she's a tomboy one minute and a princess the next. She's beautiful, yet ordinarily all-American.

She's classic play while working her toddler puzzles. She's a classic mess with a brownie. She's classic fun running, climbing and sliding in the backyard.

And like most classics, there aren't many like her left, at least in this house. Content with the simple, wonderful with no effort and beautiful with no knowledge of being.

She's my pumpkin ... not ordinary, just classic.

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