Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall weekend in review


Alena's preschool class held a "Family Fun Day" Friday at Trenton's Barn-n-Bunk. The kids loved it. They made a scarecrow, enjoyed a hayride, ventured through a corn maze, picked out small pumpkins and enjoyed snacks of apples and cider.

Welcome to the farm tour

Saturday evening we hit three of the six stops on Butler County's Farm-City Tour. This was a great chance for the kids to see some of the workings of a farm they wouldn't typically experience ... a milking parlor, an alpaca farm and a Christmas tree nursery.

Minister Ohio's Oktoberfest Parade

Alivia has attended Minister Ohio's Oktoberfest celebration every year of her life ... all three of them. The small village's autumn festival is always a favorite for the kids. Afterall, what kid doesn't love a parade where candy is thrown at them? In his second year of attendance, Trace was enamored with the parade, and Alysse would have joined in the line-up if given the chance.

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