Friday, October 31, 2008


The girls show off their Halloween duds and can't-wait-for-the-candy grins.

Trace couldn't be bothered for photos, as he was too busy trotting through the yard. He managed to maintain this level of energy throughout the night, right up until bedtime.

It took about three stops and Alysse clearly understood the game - open bag, say trick or treat, receive treat. It almost seemed too good to be true to her.

Alivia would have walked our entire subdivision, making sure to leave no house unvisited. She loved trick or treating.

The evening lived up to Alena's expectations. Tons of "what a pretty princess" compliments, a bag full of sweets and the chance to pass out our own goodies and take in the costumes of others.

The township's fire department brought one of their engines through our neighborhood, making frequent stops to hand out candy to trick or treaters. The real treat for the kids was an up-close look at the truck.

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