Wednesday, November 12, 2008

From this day forward?

Admittedly, we've had our fair share of toy love affairs. From the flirtatious to the long-term commitment kind, we've run the gamut in personal relationships with things of play.

There have been the one-night-stands of sorts. You know, toys that have sent our children into gleeful shrills at their first encounter, but are left laying by the next day, never to be played with again.

There have been on-again/off-again relationships. Our Parents Mini Monet art center, for example, has been around for two years. Some weeks it's out daily, with markers, chalk and magnets flying, then it disappears under the loveseat and remains there for two months. It stays around because it continues to be used, but isn't one of those day-in and day-out kind of toys.

There have also been those that are loved dearly during certain ages, but slowly lose their appeal as one birthday or another rolls around. LeapFrog's Learn and Groove musical table is great for little ones pulling themselves up and beginning walkers. Once they reach that competent walking stage, however, it's as if they outgrow the relationship.

This time, though, it's serious. We're all head over heels in love with the latest addition to our toy/entertainment arsenal. Old school desks ... hand-me-downs from second cousins, these are the real deal.

Alena and Alivia adore them. Jason and I are wondering what we did before we inherited them. Metal desks with wooden, flip-up tops. A place to doodle, glue and create. A place to stash, store and keep up from smaller hands. A place to think, pretend and learn. A. Place. To. Slow. Down.

The desks have the makings of a commitment we've seen in only a few instances before here in toyland. While only time will tell just how long-lasting this could be, I'm leaning the way of an engaging, ever-changing, enduring love affair.

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