Friday, November 21, 2008


That would be, "thank God it's finished."

The latest in a long line of crazy projects I really have no time for, but insist on undertaking any way is a set of metal bunk beds for Alena and Alysse. They replace Alena's full-size bed and Alysse's crib in an attempt to gain some space in their shared room.

Approximately 20 years ago I puked (retainer and all) over the side of these bunk beds. Tonight Alena and Alysse quietly went to sleep in them. Only this time instead of the shiny red paint that witnessed the horrific hurling episode there's a princessy, yet chic coat of petal blossom pink.

It's taken about four months for the makeover to occur. Not because of the difficulty involved, just a product of my procrastination and lack of discipline in finding the time needed to sand, prime and paint (with double coats of each). There has been birthday party planning to delay the project; an entire month dedicated to watching election coverage on MSNBC; and the typical laundry, dinner and cleaning chores that suck up major time.

I vowed earlier this week the girls would be sleeping in their new beds by Friday night if it killed me. The job didn't kill me, just left us with baskets of unfolded laundry, dirty bathrooms and an unvacuumed living room. Trade offs.

The christening of the vintage beds was Alysse's move into a big girl bed. Always a "how's this going to go" venture, she didn't require any back patting or coaxing to stay in the bed and go to sleep, she was out within minutes of the bedroom door being closed.

Alena had no problem drifting off in her elevated place of slumber. She was thrilled with the notion of "climbing" into bed. Beautiful. (I did momentarily wonder what course to take if we managed to get old beds removed, new beds in place and dissatisfied sleepers, gasp.)

And, as with most of these crazy projects, one leads to the next. The mismatched quilts are already my newest annoyance, as I dream of crafting some matching little patchwork numbers of pink and chocolate colored polka dots, stripes and solids. Oh yes, then there's the wallpaper left over from Alena's original nursery that will have to go next.

I'm slating the entire room makeover to be completed about the time Alena's packing for college. Until then, T.G.I.F.

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Gina said...

Whoa, taking down wallpaper? Girl that is crazy talk.