Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The vote squad

We had our votes cast with only a 20 or 25 minute wait ... much better than what most have experienced over the course of this election. Our polling location was busy, but didn't have the crazy-long, hours-wait lines some have seen.

For the record:

  • Alena cast the vote in the Butler County Auditor's race between appointed incumbent Roger Reynolds and challenger Jack Zettler. A county government run for years by a monopoly of the same political party is never a good thing, and Zettler is the strongest candidate the Democrats have slated in recent memory. Note: Alena's choice for president was John McCain and "that lady that chatters" (her words not mine), which wasn't happening on my ballot. Thus, in my opinion, she got the vote for the second most important race in our community.

  • Alivia cast the vote for Barack Obama. She's a supporter, but questioned why she couldn't vote for Hillary Clinton. Should he prove victorious after the tallies are made tonight (tomorrow?), the pixie played a part in one of the most significant elections of this country's history that I would have never dreamt to have witnessed in my lifetime (yes, call me a cynic).

  • Trace and Alysse attended the polls during the first presidential election of their lifetimes. Regardless of the outcome, the excitement and anticipation of this election won't likely exist again for years to come. They were a part of it too - rice cakes in hands.
Now ... let's hope.

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