Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday eye candy

Photos of the kids are priceless, in my opinion. As a result, I'd be embarrassed to admit how many digital pictures I have stashed in various folders on the computers in our house.

However, all those snapshots serve some purpose.

Some document the momentous occasions in their lives ... the birthdays, holidays and big happenings in little lives. Others were conceived as a means to capture their growth: little newborn feet tucked up under diapered bottoms while sleeping, wobbly first steps being taken or small glimpses of a white tooth just peeking through the surface of baby gums. And let us not forget those snapped for the sole purpose of future embarrassment.

While my trusty Nikon works stupendously for capturing our day-to-day nonsense and memories alike, every once in a while, I'm moved to actually surrender our not-always cooperative subjects to a professional, hoping for the best (I'm well aware of what I'm asking).

As such, over the course of four years, we've run the photo gamut. We've visited the whole range of options from the finished-photos-while-you-wait chains to the scary-minimum-purchase-required studios. While we've got a house filled with beautiful photos of the kids, none show them as truly as those taken during our latest photo venture.

A new father/daughter start-up, Hot Shots is located near Jungle Jim's, and was discovered only during a nice spring morning walk around the store's outdoor shopping area. The kids and I walked in not knowing anything about the new business, and left with an appointment scheduled for later in the week.

The kids loved the owner and photographer both, as they were very relaxed with the kids, and never came close to the "sit still and say cheese" methodology.

I love the shots they were able to get because for the first time in photographic form, I can see Alena's protective qualities, Alivia's true smile, Alysse's innocent spirit and Trace's awfully handsome, but very ornery ways all represented.

Here's a peek ...

And while I'm totally and completely biased ... aren't they cute?

*Please note that the date stamp does not appear on our photographs, I'll not explain why we're seeing it here or I might find myself in handcuffs.

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Gina said...

These photos are stunning. I love how natural they are.

Gosh, I can't believe how big they are. Man. I'm not aging though, right?! Right?! *sobs