Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tour stop 3: Pinkalicious penthouse

Their welcome pretty much sums up the pinkalicious penthouse: part glamour, part kook.

The half-way-up-the-wall wallpaper was removed and the pale yellow top-half has all been replaced by pink. So much pink, in fact, Jason claims the room glows. Yes, he hates it, the girls love it (this will serve to prepare him for their teenage years).

It's in this room that an entire drawer dedicated to hair ribbons, barrettes and clips exists; shoes and clothes threaten to overtake us all; and boys are strictly prohibited on beds and in the closet.

The Hello Kitty radio sings out country tunes all night (I swear they pick up songs through osmosis) and Taylor Swift posters outnumber the room's occupants.

The greatest addition to the room in our redecoration was a series of illustrations by Sarah Jane Studios. The series consists of 12 illustrations each depicting a month of the year. Their beauty lies in the sketches' simplicity and innocence. The girl reminds me so much of Alena, and her way of being evokes Alysse's little girl ways. Perfect.

So, if you're in the neighborhood, stop by the penthouse for some glamming up and Taylor Swift tune singing ... just follow the pink glow.

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Dad said...

For the record I don't hate it. It is just a little bit of an overload on the senses, which is fitting for the rooms occupants!